Book Review: Cantal’s Revenge

Cantal's RevengeCantal’s Revenge by John Zanetti

Brilliant sci-fi author and master world-builder John Zanetti has published a new novel, and it’s the kind that will take you so far into the future that the culture is completely unrecognizable, and yet it will become utterly real to you the longer you stay there.

Cantalina Frieze is a mostly ordinary girl with modest ambitions. She wants to be an historian like her father. She’s intelligent, capable and attractive, and wants to be a good daughter and citizen. Circumstances beyond her control throw her life off-course and put her on a path with adventures beyond anything she would’ve imagined, or even believed possible.

Warring factions fight for control of the country and from the beginning, Cantalina is caught up in the conflict. From her involuntary involvement in the fighting, she goes on to become a pivotal player who at times is reminiscent of Joan of Arc, but without the religious aspect. Before all is said and done, the fate of her town, her country, and the future, hinges on this beautiful and brave unwitting heroine.

Amazon describes the book as 316 Kindle pages, but that would be if the pages were 8.5 x 11. In standard paperback size, it’s closer to 500 pages.

Serious sci-fi with a taste of steam-punk. Recommended to readers of all ages.

Lose yourself in a distant time and place where there are only faint traces of the world we live in now.

Cantal’s Revenge by John Zanetti

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