In The End: a pre-apocalypse novel
Rated: R

Here’s a novel with no real theme, no overriding point or message in it, no comparison to better society, or anything trying to impart any existential meaning. It’s pretty simple. Denver gets nuked, and people have to deal with it – or not. Some can’t handle the situation, and some love it. The rest just want to survive and get along.

This story has bad language, rape, robbery and murder. It’s currently my best-selling title.  It’s available as a Kindle book and it’s also in paperback. You can also read it in sections, as it was published one piece at a time in three parts before the complete story was published as a novel.

When Everything Changed
Rated: G

This is a micro-short science-fiction story about an advanced race who has been watching earth and the pathetic job humans have done at managing their own affairs. The “Guardians” can’t take it anymore and come down in their ships to fix everything that needs to be fixed to make life livable for us.

I’ve gotten such positive feedback and requests to expand on this, so I’m currently writing a novel version that starts with the Guardian’s appearance and moves forward in time so that we see all of what happened, instead of being told key events 5 years later, as in the short version.

Devon’s Last Chance
Rated PG-17

This is a novella about a demon-like being who is responsible for turning people to the dark side. The main character is finally having positive events happen in his life when he is targeted by Devon and everything starts to go badly, starting with a car accident on his way to meet with his best friend and fiance to celebrate his birthday.

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