The books

I released a book of short stories called "9 stories" and recorded an audio version of the book of the first story which is available for free on YouTube.

The first story in the book is The Piano Man; a tale of suburban terrorism and how a law-abiding man tries to protect himself and his family from a violent bully.

The ebook is available on Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Smashwords, Kobo, etc. The paperback is on Amazon.

Part 1

There are five more parts to the story. If you like the first part, just look to the right on YouTube to click on the subsequent parts.


After America is torn apart by civil war, followed by global war, eventually it begins to be rebuilt in a new way designed to prevent the problems of the past.

A teenager named Deron wants nothing more than to be with the girl he loves, and if he can't have her, he would just like to be left alone.

But since he doesn't fit in with others, the new government considers him a potential problem child and decides to experiment on him - to make him fit in with society better.



Reaching Kendra



Kendra is young, happy, intelligent and beautiful. She loves her job and is passionate about learning about the world she lives in.

Keith is not so happy. He can barely tolerate having anything to do with his mother. His father recently committed suicide for the same reason. And he's been unlucky in love.

When the two of them meet, it's love at first sight. But then things go badly in an out of this world story  that takes place in a part of this world you may have never imagined.


"The phrase, 'I could not put this book down,' is an understatement when talking about Reaching Kendra." - Lex Allen

In The End: a pre-apocalypse novel
ISBN: 9781496176127

in the end

​Nuclear explosions wipe out Denver, Colorado. A mountain community nearby is unharmed except for those who encounter a serial killer on the loose. With the local authorities obliterated, there's no one to call for help when things go badly.

 This is the first book in an apocalyptic series. The second book broadens the scope of the first part and deals with what's going on nationally, as well as what our group of survivors experience as they seek a new refuge.

  "Reading this was like a breath of post-apocalyptic fresh air." - JillianCornell, author of Genesis Revisited


When Everything Changed


In this very short but very provocative story, ancient aliens return to earth in modern times and make drastic changes to global society after giving up on us ever getting it together on our own.

 "I cannot explain it but I felt really good while reading this story." - Kendyle McDaniel

Devon's Last Chance


What is the cause of the recent outbreak of people losing their minds and going on killing sprees? Several mass shootings by U.S. mail carriers spawned the phrase "going postal." But since then, many people of all ages have gone on unexplained killing sprees in their workplaces, their schools, and sometimes even restaurants, killing as many people as possible, often before killing themselves in the end.

 This story imagines an explanation and makes you wonder...

 "I was enthralled with the storyline and was on edge waiting to see how it would end." - Stacy E. Hays


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